During the editing process, we will replace clumsy wording or rephrase passages where meaning is unclear. Any repetition or contradiction will be removed to create a more engaging and effective document. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors or inconsistencies will be corrected.


In addition to editing the content, we will ensure that the document is ready for publication by adhering to the publisher's style guidelines (where available) or by checking that the layout of paragraphs, margins, headings and titles is consistent and appropriate.

The level of editorial intervention is determined by the client. We are happy to take on extensive rewrites or suggest minor changes to improve an existing document. In all cases, amendments will respect the authorial tone and style of the original work.

Editing is recommended for documents that are a little rough around the edges and need to be pulled into shape. Proofreading is more appropriate when the content of a document has been finalised but needs to be checked for minor errors and inconsistencies before publication.