Do you need to publicise a service or product?

Effective promotional material will attract and hold the attention of a potential client and, ultimately, provoke the desire to take action. This means getting the tone and style of marketing copy just right and making sure that material is accessible, fluent and free from errors. We compose or rewrite promotional material for blogs, leaflets, websites, flyers, brochures, emails, advertisements, and posters.

Do you need original articles or blog/web content?

At Editing Works, we have the expertise to produce the articles or content you need to maintain a dynamic publication of the highest quality. Articles will be researched, original and written in an appropriate style and tone for the target audience. Keyword phrases will be used to maximise the potential of generating traffic to your site through search engines (SEO). However, we will not sacrifice the quality of the writing for the sake of stuffing passages with keywords. Keyword stuffing is a counter-productive practice that affects textual fluency (putting potential clients off) and may damage your Google ranking.

Do you need to contact clients or other businesses?

Writing business letters or emails is an important part of marketing and communication. It can be central to making the right contacts and having a desired impact on your target market. However, writing letters or emails can be time consuming and stressful if language is not one of your strong points. By employing a professional, you can remove the anxiety and be confident of a job well done.